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2013 / NO.1
2013 / NO.1
Equipment Renewal: Lin Fong Sports Centre Swimming Complex and its ancillary facilities

In order to ensure the normal operation of its venues and users’ safety, the Macao Sport Development Board has been regularly inspecting all venues to gain understanding of the usage of the facilities and equipment. This is also for the purpose of developing a long-term maintenance plan and according to the actual situation, to orderly start all types of maintenance, expansion, and even renovation works to the main bodies for some of the venues constructed in an earlier time period.

Lin Fong Sports Centre Swimming Complex and its ancillary facilities including two indoor heated swimming pools (one of which is specially designed for the disabled) and a multi-purpose sports centre for a variety of indoor sports, which currently serves as an ideal training and practicing venue for various teams of general sports associations and for groups of Sports for All fitness classes.  Established in 1986, with expansion in 1998, the indoor swimming pools have been used until now. The facilities have been maintained on a regular basis, however after years of frequent use, there have been different degrees of damages, resulting in leakage in the rooftop during the rainy season, and various degrees of wear and tear of the wooden flooring of the indoor sports centre.

To protect the users’ safety and enable them to continue practicing in a suitable environment, the Macao Sport Development Board started a large-scale improvement project on the swimming pools and its ancillary facilities in November 2012, including improvement of the power distribution system, renovation of the pool changing rooms as well as the indoor sports centre, change of air-conditioning system of the indoor sports centre, and change of gymnasium equipment, in addition to furnishing leisure areas of the facilities.

After completion of the 4-month renovation project, the swimming complex was reopened in mid-March 2013.