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2013 / NO.1
2013 / NO.1
2013 Sport for All Fitness and Recreational Classes Introduction

To implement the Macao SAR Government’s policy objectives in positively promoting Sport for All, the Macao Sport Development Board continuously promotes and popularizes Sport for All among residents, encourages residents to actively participate in sports and fosters a healthy lifestyle realizing ‘life-long participation in sport’. The ultimate objective is to achieve a society imbued with sportive atmosphere. In adherence to the principles of the government’s policy objectives, the Board has organized a variety of Sport for All Fitness and Recreational Classes catering to the needs of people of different ages. It is hoped that the classes will gradually attract people from all walks of life and enable them to consistently and regularly participate in physical exercise.

The Sport for All fitness and recreational classes have already been held for several years, receiving positive feedbacks and active participation. There were about 49,000 quotas offered in the year of 2012, which accounted for more than 90% of enrollment. In view of the classes and levels offered in 2012, various classes will be offered in 2013 as in the previous years around 50,000 places will be offered in the year of 2013. There will be more than 8,000 quotas on average offered for the Sport for All class for each term of two months, so as to encourage a greater public involvement on sports activities and improve the level of physical health.

Classes are offered to residents  from the age of four or above. All sports activities provided are aimed at people of all ages. All classes run through the day from 7:00am to 10:30pm. Each session ranges from 1 hour to 1.5 hours. Shift workers may choose their respective suitable sports activities and have fun during their spare time. Activities provided include:

1. Aquatics:

hydro-fitness, swimming for fitness, swimming for beginners, swimming for kids, synchronized swimming, mini-sailing, and surfing;

2. Dance activities:

group aerobics, aerobic gymnastics, step aerobics, kick boxing aerobics, dancesport, dancesport professional training, Latin dance, Jazz dance, line dance, line dance for kids, as well as dynamic gymnastics for staff and workers, which is jointly organized by the Board and the Sports Committee of the Macao Federation of Trades Union and has gained wide popularity among the workers;

3. Ball games:

badminton, croquet, parent-child bowling, tennis and squash for beginners;

4. Taijiquan classes, yoga and yoga for kids;

5. Gymnastics for kids and others:

fitness equipment usage, rhythmic gymnastics for children, gymnastics for children, martial arts for children, artistic cycling, figure skating, ice hockey, Wei Qi, Chinese chess and chess;

6. Parent-child interaction classes enhancing parent-child relationship:

parent-child gymnastics, parent-child line dance, parent-child badminton, parent-child bowling, parent-child tennis, parent-child squash, and parent-child yoga;

7. Potential development activities:

swimming and badminton classes for the disabled, mentally retarded, or hearing impaired.

*Advanced level classes available for certain activities such as gymnastics, dance, yoga and Taijiquan classes, etc.

Cooperate with Community Centers to Organize Baduanjin Class for the Elderly

In order to provide Macao’s seniors with the opportunity to learn Baduanjin, the Board has organized Baduanjin promotion classes in tandem with various community centers, elderly centers, integrated service centers, and elderly centers. Interested parties who are Macao residents and over the age of 65 may apply for the class for free via the above centers. The Baduanjin class, launched in 2009, is a fitness training program designed for the elderly. The one-hour class is held once to twice a week. Students will learn and practice Baduanjin under the guidance of experienced instructors. There are now 32 Baduanjin classes per term, serving more than 1000 students.

Jointly Organize Sport for All Fitness and Recreational Classes with Other Civil Associations

Starting from mid-2010, the Macao Sport Development Board has expanded cooperation in the development of Sport for All and signed cooperation agreement with three representative associations in Macao: the General Union of Neighborhood Association of Macao, the Macao Federation of Trade Unions and the Women’s General Association of Macao. All of them have massive membership base, and experience in organizing Sport for All activities. So far, more than 260 Sport for All fitness and recreational classes and levels have been jointly organized, and have offered over 6,900 quotas.