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2012 / NO.4
2012 / NO.4
Physical Fitness Promotional CD

“Strengthening health and improving the physical fitness of the public” is the goal of Macao SAR government in promoting the development of Sport for All. Regular scientific monitoring work and assessment of the public’s physical fitness, allows the government to master the present physical conditions of the citizens and the changing trend of the public’s health. The data are used as a reference for encouraging and guiding citizens to exercise. Therefore, the Macao Sport Development Board has been implementing a survey project on monitoring and assessing the physical fitness of the Macao citizens every five years since 2005.

With the completion of the second Macao Citizens Physical Fitness Montioring Study in 2010, the publication of “2010 Physical Fitness Report of the Macao SAR Citizens” reflected the existing problems in physical fitness of Macao citizens. The Macao Sport Development Board, co-operated with the Department of Health, the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau, the Social Welfare Institute, the Tertiary Education Services Office and the Macao Polytechnic Institute, constituted a working group to follow up the related tasks and to explore the strategies in improving the physical fitness of the citizens. The working group suggested that to “ the emphasis in promotion, education and recreational sports “ are the three main elements to enhance physical fitness and health condition of Macao citizens. With respect to the emphais in promotion, the “Physical Fitness Promotional CD” has first been published to present the comparative results of two physical fitness monitoring studies which were held in 2005 and 2010; The CD has also provide health messages in promoting vision and oral health, exercises and nutition.; Projects implemented by different organizations has also be introduced to draw the public’s participation. The Macao Sport Development Board hopes that, through the further promotion of the CD, will help in strengthening the health awareness among the students and  adolescents, especially through education in schools,  so that they will pay more attention to their daily life and to foster a good living habit  gradually.    

After the production of the promoting and educational CDs, in 2012, the Macao Sport Development Board has also established a website, “Physical Fitness and Health Conditions of Macao Citizens” which summarizes and unifies the physical fitness research data and publications organized in Macao as well as provided health information. Any party are interested in the Physical Fitness Report of Macao residents and the promotional CD, please visit the website of “ Physical Fitness and Health Conditions of Macao Citizens “ at