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2012 / NO.4
2012 / NO.4
2012 Sport for All Day activities

Since 2009, Macao Sport Development Board has been organizing monthly “Sport for All Day” activities in local public recreational facilities and parks. It is aimed at bringing health related information to the community and promoting physical exercise through various recreational events in order to arouse residents’ interest and engage them all in practicing sports. This event was well-received by the public and drew in up to 30 thousand local participants in the year 2012.

To ensure that residents exercise in the right way, the Sport Development Board invited coaches from local sport associations to teach the participants sports techniques on site. Recreational activities with prize were featured, such as  table-tennis, badminton, croquet, basketball, bowling, cricket, shuttlecock, squash, rope skipping, chess and Taichi ball, etc.  These events attracted crowds of residents, and many of them came in families, which not only helped nurture children’s interest in sports and improve family relationships, but also rendered their holiday meaningful and relaxing. Owed to the coaches’ patient instructions, participants were able to fully engross in the activities and  acquired the correct sporting skills. Besides, instructors and students from Sport for All recreation and fitness classes also performed and demonstrated various types of sport exercises to the public to increase their understanding and interests in the sport and motivate them to do exercises for a healthy life.

Through the organization of “Sport for All Day” activities across the city, the organizer aims to popularize sport to the general public and to promote the development of sport of all in Macao.. These events have educated the public on the right way to exercise, inspired them to stretch their body once in a while, enriched their leisure life and most importantly helped them stay healthy.