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2012 / NO.4
2012 / NO.4
Macao Sports Carnival 2012

Macao Sports Carnival co-organized by the Federation of Macao Sport General Association and the Macao Sport Development Board took place on October 7 at Tap Seac Square. A ribbon-cutting ceremony to inaugurate the opening of the Carnival was attended by a group of officials and distinguished guests, which included the Chief Executive, Mr. Fernando Chui Sai On, the Vice Minister of General Administration of Sport of China, Mr. Yang Shuan, the Deputy Commissioner of the Office of Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of PRC in Macao SAR, Mr. Feng Tie, the  Deputy Director of the Department of Culture and Education of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in Macao SAR,, Mr. Zhang Xiaoguang, the Secretary General of the Executive Council, Ms. O Lam, the President of the Macao Sport Development Board, Mr. Vong Iao Lek , the member of the Administration Committee of the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau, Mr. Ma Kam Keong, the President of Macao Foundation, Mr. Wu Zhiliang, the Chairman, the President and the Vice President  of the Federation of Macao Sport General Association, Mr. Ma Iao Hang, Mr. Chan Weng Kit and Mr.Lo Keng Chio.

This significantSports Carnival was held successfully for the third time this year and involved the participation of 74 organizations and sport associations. A total of  61 game and entertainment booths were installed featuring photo display, games with prizes and knowledge quizzes. In addition, the organizer also arranged a number of demonstrations and performances such as chess, dance, boxing and yoga in order to let the participants to learn more about each of the sport event.

The organizer hoped that the carnival would help to promote sports in the community, increase people’s sports knowledge and their motivation to do exercise.

This year’s Carnival, with its variety of activities on such a large scale, attracted around 20 thousand participants.