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    • Sport for all
    • Bank of China Proudly Sponsors: 70th Macau Grand Prix Celebration – Guia Circuit Fun Run
    • Date: 2023/11/05
    • Time: 06:30 ~ 07:30
    • Location: Circuito de Guia do Grande Prémio de Macau
    • Organizer: Sports Bureau
    • Details:


      1           Information

      1.1         Event title: Bank of China Proudly Sponsors: 70th Macau Grand Prix Celebration – Guia Circuit Fun Run

      1.2         Event Date: 5 November 2023 (Sunday), 6:30am

      1.3         Organizer: Macau Grand Prix Organizing Committee, Bank of China (Macau), and Sports Olympic Committee of Macau, China

      1.4         Technical Support: General Association of Athletics of Macau

      1.5         Objective: To celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Macau Grand Prix, and encourage local residents and tourists to participate and experience the unique charm of the Guia Circuit and its festivity

      1.6         Course: Macau Guia Circuit, total length of 6.2 km. Starting and finishing point will be at the Macau Grand Prix Building

      1.7         Eligibility: Open to anyone aged 15 or above (born on or before 2008) with proof of valid identification document

      1.8         Race classification: race event is classified into male and female categories

      1.9         Quota: 4,000 participants, while quota lasts


      2           Registration

      2.1         Registration: Online registration

      2.2         Registration date: starting from 9am, 22 October 2023

      2.3         Registration fee: MOP50

      2.4         Registration procedure:

      2.4.1     Visit the BOC Mobile banking Macau or website of Sports Bureau:, and follow the system guideline to register;

      2.4.2     The registration fee can be paid by BOC Pay, VISA, MASTERCARD, UnionPay card and Alipay (Mainland China) Best Regards;

      2.4.3     Upon completion of registration, the organizing committee will issue a “registration completion SMS or email” to the applicants as confirmation;

      2.4.4     Applicant is required to present “the registration completion SMS or email” and valid identification document for collection of number bib and chip. if applicant is unable to collect the number bib and chip in person, applicant may authorize someone to do it on their behalf, the authorized person has to present valid identification document, applicant’s identification document copy and “the registration completion SMS or email”.


      3           Program







      Collection of number bib 1

      Macao Forum





      First call

      Macau Grand Prix Building (Track entrance located at the Avenida Dr. Rodrigo Rodrigues, near Oceanus)


      Final call for entry to starting point2


      The fun run commences


      Award ceremony

      Macau Grand Prix Building

      1. Athletes is required to present “the registration completion SMS or email” and valid identification document for collection of number bib, timing chip and athlete’s regulations.

      2. Athletes who fail to enter the starting point at the required time stated above will not be able to participate and must follow the crowd management instructions of the onsite staff.


      4           Event Regulations

      4.1         The time limit is 1 hour, athletes who fail to complete the race within 07:30 must follow the instruction of the Organizing Committee to leave the course as safety measure, all athletes must leave the course, and all traffic will resume to normal at 08:00.

      4.2      The Organizer will set up several Check Points along the course and all participants are required to pass the Check Points;The Organizing Committee reserves the right to stop the athlete who do not pass the Check Point before the specified time limit;

      4.3         The Check Points will be located depending on the road conditions and will be announced before the race starts;


      5           Prize

      5.1        The top 10 finishers of the male and female category will be awarded one trophy, regardless of age.


      6           Result

      6.1         All athletes will be distributed a number bib and a timing chip;

      6.2         Athletes must follow the instructions of the organizing committee to wear the timing chip and number bib during the race, in particular that the number bib must be worn on the chest;

      6.3         Upon receipt of the number bib and timing chip, athletes should check their conditions and keep them safe for the race. In case of damaged, bended or wrongly-placed timing chip, or incomplete results recorded by the chip due to poor maintenance or interference by other personal items, the organizing committee reserves the right to disqualify the athlete’s result;

      6.4         Electronic Chips Timing System is used for the race which provides Official Time (Gun Time) and Personal Times (Chip Time) for each athlete. Results will be based on the Official Time;

      6.5         Athletes must pass the check points according to the instruction of the organizing committee. Should any check point record be found incomplete, the athletes will not be listed in the general classification and their result will not be counted;

      6.6         Athletes who finish the race within the time limit shall be awarded an e-certificate. Athletes can download the e-certificate through the registration system.


      7           Souvenir

      7.1         Every athlete completes the race within the time shall receive a (one) set of commemorative medal and towel (onsite collection), no redistribution will be arranged.

      7.2         Medals and towels will not be awarded to athletes who are unable to complete the race within the time limit mentioned above, their results will not be recorded, and no e-certificate will be provided.


      8           Safety Measures

      8.1     Safety measures will be implemented by the organizing committee and supporting units to ensure the safety of athletes, and the athletes must comply with the following rules and regulations as well as the instructions of the staff of the organizing committee. The organizing committee will not be liable to any accidental casualties and losses of the athletes who fail to comply with the instructions;

      8.2         The race may be cancelled due to adverse weather on the day of the event, the athletes must comply with the rules and regulations as well as the instructions of the staff of the organizing committee and closely monitor to any related news from media sources. Athletes can search the weather condition via Macao Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau:;

      8.3         Upon completion of registration, the athletes are deemed to comply with the rules and regulations set out by the organizing committee, to have taken consideration that their physical condition is suitable for the related activity, and shall bear full legal and related responsibilities to any sudden health condition during the event.



      1. All participants agree to the organisers’ filming and photography during the event period for event promotion and marketing purposes.

      2. The organizing committee reserves the right to the final decision of any inadequacy of the Rules and Regulations.


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