Booking Procedures (in person)

  • Venues can be reserved in the form of an 'instant booking' or 'next 7 days advance booking'. Both are on a first come, first served basis;
  • The venue booking system is available every day from 8:30am to 10:00pm;
  • Each user shall book the venue for one hour at a time and is required to purchase tickets for extension. Extension booking will be rescheduled if there are other users queuing for the service; all users must produce their tickets or receipts for admission;
  • Bookings (to reserve date and time) and payment can be made at any venue with network booking service;
  • Venues provided with network booking service include Centro Desportivo Lin Fong, Tap Seac Multisport Pavilion, Vitória Sports Centre, Macao Stadium, Olympic Sports Centre - Multi-Purpose Zone and Macao Bowling Centre;
  • For enquiries about venue booking, please visit the abovementioned venues with network booking service or browse the Board’s website for booking schedule posted in the Public Sports Facilities Network.
  • Detail For immediate-usage click here , 7 days advance reservation,  click here.
  • Press here for more information about payment methods of in-person venue booking service.