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To borrow the materials on behalf of the organizations or institutions

Location for Application

  1. Sports Bureau
  2. Centro de Serviços da RAEM

Designated for:Organizations or institutions planning for activities to be carried out

The application period

-        Application document should be submitted 30 days before the request of materials

Application procedures

-        Apply in writing, through official letter, with detailed description of the relevant activity, the loaning period and the contact person;

-        Transportation and installation of the loaning materials should be arranged by the requested organization or institutions (including transportation to and fro).


-        According to the written approval No. 216/2011 from Social and Cultural Secretary, charges for materials on loan should be in accordance with the Annex Table IV – Charges for Materials on Loan, attached to administrative regulations stated in No. 19/2002.

Approval time period

-        Request will be responded within 10 working days.


Tel.:8796 5535


The relevant legislation

Administrative regulations stated in No. 19/2002