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Terms of Use

  1. Applicants must provide true, accurate, up-to-date and complete personal information as requested in order to verify their identity;
  2. "Sport Easy" members can enjoy various services and benefits offered by the Sports Bureau. For details, please refer to the terms and conditions of the specific individual services;
  3. The Sports Bureau reserves the right to revise the terms and conditions of use and to change benefits. In the event of any dispute, the Board reserves the right of final decision.
  4. "Sport Easy" membership cards are the property of the Sports Bureau. Users of a "Sport Easy" membership card agree to all terms and conditions of "Sport Easy" membership.
  5. Holders of a "Sport Easy" membership card must not lend or transfer their "Sport Easy" membership card for use by another party. The Sports Bureau reserves the right to cancel the card at any time and reserves final right of decision. If Sports Bureau (MSB) found any member breaks the “Terms of Use” of “Sport easy”, MSB will cancel all the points and registered gifts in the membership card. In addition, MSB reserves the right to suspend the usage. If illegal usage was found again, any application from the member will be refused for three years.
  6. In order to maintain your rights and interests as a member, please do not reveal the account name and password for your online account to a third party. If a member discovers that his/her account name or password has been illegally used by another party or that any attempt has been made to bypass account security, the member should immediately notify the Sports Bureau.

Please note:

  • Members notified that their official membership card is ready for collection should make sure to bring their temporary membership card to the card collection venue so it can be exchanged for the official card.
  • Members should appropriately protect their membership card. When renting or using facilities, the card should be presented to staff so that member use of a facility can be recorded.
  • Members who have lost their temporary membership card must submit a "Lost Membership Card Declaration" when collecting the official membership card. The declaration can be downloaded from the website of the Sports Bureau.
  • Members should observe all the terms of use and notices of “Sport easy”.