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2003 / NO.1
2003 / NO.1
Macao Wins Bid to Host the 2nd Asian Indoor Games of 2007

Already successful in being selected as 2005 host city for the 4th East Asian Games, Macao recently won the honor of planning and hosting the 2007 2nd Asian Indoor Games. It is estimated that over 3,000 athletes and guests from more than 40 countries and districts will come to Macao during the Games, thus substantially promoting the image of Macao as an international sports center.
Held every two years, the Asian Indoor Games are promoted by the Executive Committee of the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA). At the general assembly of the OCA held in Kuwait this year, Macao was unanimously approved as host for the 2nd Asian Indoor Games. Prince Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah, President of the Olympic Council of Asia, signed a memorandum of understanding with Mr. Manuel Silvèrio, representative of Macao, and Mr. Frederico Nolasco Silva, representative of the Macao Olympic Committee. The memorandum, in accord with OCA regulations, grants to Macao the honor of hosting the 2nd Asian Indoor Games and specifies the responsibilities Macao must assume. For example, within six months, Macao is to have signed a contract and set up their Organizing Committee for the 2nd Asian Indoor Games.

The idea of initiating the Asian Indoor Games came from the fact that there were too many sports events already included in the Asian Games. Because of the constraints of time and facilities, OCA could not include as many sports events in the Asian Games as they wished -- hence the Asian Indoor Games. Sporting events included in the Asian Indoor Games are different from those of the Asian Games and also include 6-8 events not previously included in the Asian Games. These new events include extreme sports, indoor athletics, futsal, inline hockey, dance sports, fin swimming, 25-meter course swimming, aerobic sport and gymnastics. Each will be televised with a high expectation of commercial and marketing success through their appeal to a wide audience.
In August of 2002, a delegation from OCA conducted a detailed survey of Macao’s abilities to host the 1st Asian Indoor Games. Mr. Wei Jizhong, member of the delegation and Director of the Competition Committee of OCA, compared Macao with three other candidates and concluded that Macao had comparatively better conditions to ensure the success of the games. He encouraged Macao to host the 1st Asian Indoor Games originally planned for 2004. However, already committed to hosting the 2005 East Asian Games, Macao authorities opted to host the 2007 2nd Asian Indoor Games. The 2005 1st Asian Indoor Games will be held in Bangkok, Thailand.
Hosting the 2nd Asian Indoor Games will not only promote Macao’s future development but is also in line with the Macao SAR government’s policies to develop sports culture and tourism in the region. The international image of Macao as a sports center will be firmly established with the success of the 2005 East Asian Games. This image will be further promoted in 2007 when athletes and government officials from 44 countries and districts in Asia come to Macao for the 2nd Asian Indoor Games. The influence of these international sports competitions will provide economic benefits for diverse sectors within the Macao community.
In order to do a better job in organizing these two major sporting events, MEAGOC will put forward proposals to the Executive Council asking for revision of current administrative regulations with a view toward enlarging the structure of MEAGOC so as to more competently plan and organize the 2nd Asian Indoor Games in 2007.
The 2nd Asian Indoor Games will utilize new sports facilities already being constructed for the East Asian Games in 2005, namely: the Macao East Asian Games Dome, The Macao Forum, the IPM Multi-Sports Pavilion, The Tap Seac Multi-Sports Pavilion, the Macao Stadium Pavilion, and the Macao Olympic Aquatic Center. These excellent sport facilities, along with the hard work of volunteers and the support of Macao residents from all walks of life -- plus experience gained from the 4th East Asian Games – will allow Macao to successfully host the 2nd Asian Indoor Games. Besides further enhancing the image of Macao as an international sports center, the gathering of so many of the best athletes from Asia in our small city will highlight the attractions of Macao while promoting indoor sports to a diverse global audience.