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2003 / NO.1
2003 / NO.1
Computerized Sport Facility Information Management

1. Introduction
Seeing how rapid advances in technology can help us to better manage our daily lives, the Macao Sport Development Board has decided to draw upon such technology so as to improve their efficiency and to provide rapid, accurate information services to the people of Macao. To this end, the Macao Sport Development Board began implementing a Sport Facility Information Management Project last year. The project objectives are to provide an automated means to handle public requests for bookings and for information while simultaneously helping to manage the sport facilities.
The information project involves the installation of information stands at various points in Macao so as to automatically handle residents’ applications for the booking of sport facilities and to dispense up-to-date information about local sporting events and facilities.

2. Locations of the Information Stands
Initially, 9 information stands will be installed -- one in the office building of the Sport Development Board and one at Tap Seac Multisport Pavilion (locations frequently visited by many people). Others will be installed in the following sport facilities:
A. Macao Olympic Natatorium
B. Macao Stadium
C. Victory Sports Center
D. Swimming Pool of the Macao Sports Complex
E. Swimming Pool of the Bosco Sports Complex
F. Barbosa Sports Center
G. Carmo Swimming Pool

3. Functions of the Information Stands

A. To provide information about sport facilities and construction planning:
The information stands will provide information regarding the construction plans of each sport facility under construction from now to 2005, including details of the construction projects, sports each caters for, and construction schedules --along with recent pictures of each project.

B. To provide information about the facilities managed by the Macao Sport Development Board:
The information stands will provide information about sports facilities managed by the Macao Sport Development Board, including information regarding facility locations, telephone contacts, opening and closing hours and a general introduction with pictures of each facility.

C. To provide information about other sports facilities:
If residents want to find out the locations of other sports facilities or sports activities they simply touch the function buttons for location or type of sport activity.

D. To provide information about opening hours and reservations:
Connected with the sports facilities information management system of the Macao Sport Development Board, approvals for reservations of sports facilities are immediately displayed on the information stands. Residents can obtain the latest information about facilities reservations by touching the button “Reservation Hours and Facilities.”

4. More Services for the Convenience of Residents
Reservations for sports facilities through the Internet also will be introduced. The information stands will be connected with websites of the Macao Sport Development Board and the Macao 4th East Asian Games Organizing Committee. Both organizations can provide residents of Macao with information about sports activities, facilities, and events in Macao.