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2017 / NO.1
2017 / NO.1
Refused to Give Up - Tam Chit Meng

    In recent years, a new star in Macao's volleyball field has emerged. Everyone has high expectations for him. He is Tam Chit Meng, who joined the Macao Volleyball Team half a year ago. Soon after he had joined the Macao Volleyball Team, he participated in the Cross-strait Four Regions Volleyball Invitational Tournament in Kunming with the team and won the championship.

    Tam Chit Meng, at the age of 17, is in his second year of senior high school. Last year, he was transferred from the Salesian Institute to the Pui Va Middle School, and held the position of team leader of the Pui Va Volleyball Team. Having been fascinated by playing volleyball since his youth, Tam Chit Meng started his volleyball career by being admitted to the team seven years ago, chosen by Lai Sai Tik, the coach of the Salesian Institute Volleyball Team. Tam Chit Meng had beenmaking unremitting efforts for volleyball and finally he made many accomplishments last year. After joining Iao Lok A Volleyball Team, he assisted the team to win the champion, and had great performance in the Cross-strait Four Regions Volleyball Invitational Tournament. He assisted the team to score high by making key offensive plays paving way for the team to win the champion with a landslide victory.

    As a right side hitter, Tam Chit Meng is better at making offensive plays due to the advantage of his figure. By contrast, he is weaker at mobile defense and pace-movement. Currently, it is the key time for Tam Chit Meng to develop his skills; however, he had an accident in mid-February and his right wrist was severely injured as a result. After being medically examined, it was found that the whole treatments would last at least one year. In spite of recovery, the flexibility and strength of his right wrist would reduce. However, Tam Chit Meng was never discouraged, emphasizing that he would come back as soon as possible. “During the treatment period, my arms and hands cannot be trained, but I will still train to develop my physical strength by increasing the strength and flexibility of other body parts. Meanwhile, I can relax and study the competitions from an audience's perspective to accumulate experience and strategies. I will receive training again after my wrist has recovered.” Tam Chit Meng hopes that when he recovers in a year, he will come back by participating in league matches.