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2017 / NO.1
2017 / NO.1
Success Belong to The Persevering - Yeong Weng Chi

    Yeong Weng Chi, at the age of 16, is currently a member of the Macao Squash Team. She is studying in The International School of Macao. She has won the runner-up in the Japan Junior Open Squash Championship, the fourth place in the Singapore Junior Squash Open, and the champion in the women's group in the Macau Open Squash 2016. 

    Yeong Weng Chi's parents registered for the squash course as a summer activity for her when she was 10. Then she started to play squash. As she loved sports, Yeong Weng Chi became fascinated by squash soon, and since then she became irrevocably committed to squash. As squash is a type of indoor activities, regardless of the weather, she could practice it all year round. Therefore, she practiced squash after school every day. Yeong Weng Chi thinks that since persistence is her personality trait. Once she has chosen to be committed to something, she will pursue it insistently. Over the past six years, she kept practicing squash no matter how busy she was, unless she was very sick. She said, “I will continue playing squash and will engage in a career related to squash. I will make squash become my lifetime career.

    Unremitting and insistent efforts can pay off. Last year, Yeong Weng Chi defeated Liu Kuai Chi, the “Big Sister” in Macao's squash field, achieving her own set goal. After that, she aimed at international competitions, hoping to occupy a seat in the Hong Kong Junior Squash Open. Although she knows that her current results are excellent, she still admitted, “In the competitions, I am still lacking of confidence. This is my weakness which will affect my performance. I am looking for the solutions with the help of my coach. I hope that I can perform better in the coming competitions.”