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2017 / NO.1
2017 / NO.1
Macao Men's Basketball Team lost in the “Guangdong - Macao Cup”

    The first “Guangdong-Macao Cup” Basketball Competition was hosted in late February, co-organized by the Guangdong Basketball Association and the Macau-China Basketball Association. The championship was determined after two matches. In the first match, the Macao Team, as the visiting team, demonstrated their prowess. Although they ended up tying with the Guangdong Team, they had   maintained a lead through most of the match. In the second match, they competed at the Tap Seac Multisport Pavilion in Macao as the home team, and also showed high morale in the course. Although they were defeated, 83 to 89, and failed to win the champion, their performance was recognized by the fans in attendance, as they provided frequent applause.

    The Macao men's basketball team sent a strong team with vital and experienced members to compete. Lei Chin Pang, as an experienced player, was invited to return to the team after seven years in retirement, while another leading player was Lao Fu In. Players with height, speed and accuracy were placed in other positions. They were Lai Ka Tong, Lo Hip Meng, Un Kam Chi, Ao Ieong Hao In, Iong Ka Kin, Lao Chon Pong, Lam Teng Long, Tang Man Io and Chan Wai Shing, etc. In the first match, the Macao team, as the visiting team, competed in Zhuhai. They faced the Guangdong team with valor, in spite of their observable advantage in height, as the Macao team made their opponents struggle arduously by making high-speed counterattacks. The match result was an 85 : 85.

Draw in the First Match but a Loss in the Second

    Competing as the home team in the second match, the Macao team overwhelmed the Guangdong team when they were immersed in the cheer of the fans. The Macao team attacked their opponent accurately and achieved an initial score of 14 : 6 in the first quarter. Lai Ka Tong, who was skilled in both inside and outside shooting, got 10 points on his own in one session. However, another key player Lo Hip Meng had accumulated three fouls early, so his performance was limited and he failed to match the brilliant result of 31 individual points as attained in the first match. 

    As the circumstance where the chance for scoring was reduced, in the second quarter of the match, the Macao team lost their advantage over their opponent significantly, and the defensive players failed to resist the key player from the Guangdong team, Chen Hang, who had all-around advantage. As a result, in the third session, the Macao team was outscored by their opponent. However, the Macao team did not submit. They kept resisting the Guangdong team, and remained a margin of less than 5 points the remainder of the match. Regrettably, the Macao team's advantage was again limited by the fouls committed by key players. Lai Ka Tong committed four fouls, and Lo Hip Meng was eliminated due to 5 fouls. The Macao team still failed to reverse the situation, and lost 83 : 89. After finishing with a draw with the Guangdong team in one match, and losing to them in the other, the Macao Team lost in the first “Guangdong-Macao Cup”.