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2017 / NO.1
2017 / NO.1
“Stepping High Macao Tower Run” Wang Kun and Hoi Long Won the Men's and Women's Best Award respectively

    “2017 Stepping High Macao Tower Run”, organized by the Sports Bureau of Macau, the General Association of Athletics of Macao and Macao Tower Convention & Entertainment Center, brought about good wishes for Macao runners and sports enthusiasts in the Chinese New Year. A total number of 536 participants took the challenge by running along the Sai Van Lake and the Macao Tower routes together on the 9th day of the first month in the Chinese Lunar Calendar (the 5th February). Wang Kun and Hoi Long, as Macao runners, respectively won the Best Male Athlete Award and the Best Female Athlete Award this year.

1298-step Stair Climbing Challenge

    The route of the race was divided into two parts. The route for Open Group (B), Middle-aged Group (C) and Senior Group (D) was 5,300 meters in length. Runners of this route started to run at the Sai Van Lake Square, passed Av. da República and Largo do Pagode da Barra, then reached the starting point, Sai Van Lake Square, again for entering the Macao Tower, where the participants climbed up the 1,298-step stairs. The route for the Youth Group (A) did not include the stair climbing, and it was 4,000 meters in length. 

Wang Kun and Hoi Long Crossed the Line as the First Runners

    Wang Kun, popular for having a high chance at winning, was the first runner who entered the Macao Tower around 13 minutes after the race started. Finally, he became the champion in 22 minutes 00 seconds. Iao Kuan Un won the second place in 23 minutes 17 seconds, as Kuok Chi Wai won the third place in 23 minutes 31 seconds. In the Women's Group, Hoi Long was still in her best condition after she had set the fastest individual record in the Macao Marathon last year. She became the Women's Champion in the Open Group in 25 minutes 46 seconds. Ng Ieong Ieong and Chan Pou I won the second and third places in 29 minutes 18 seconds and 31 minutes 34 seconds respectively. 

    The awarding ceremony was held immediately after the race. Lam Lin Kio, the substitute President of the Sports Bureau, Lam Chu Kwong, the General Manager of the Macao Tower Convention & Entertainment Center, Lam Hin Fu, the Chairperson of the General Association of Athletics of Macao and Chan Pou Sin, the Vice Chairperson of the General Association of Athletics of Macao were the award presenters. The winners of all groups based on the ranking list are listed below:

    Men's Group A: Kong Chi Lok, Leong Wai Kit, Lai Ka Tang, Chu Chi Ieong, Lau Hou Ian, Mak Chi Seng, Ho Hou In, Lam Chi Kin, Zhou Zhi Cong, Si Ka Hou.

    Men's Group B: Wang Kun, Iao Kuan Un, Kuok Chi Wai, Chan Chan Kit, Chong Chi Seak, Lok Chong Leng, Lei I Ka, Chio Weng Chon, Ramesh Kumar Rai, Un Chak Long

    Men's Group C: Cheang Sin Pui, Lok Wai Kin, Kun Sio Pan, Wong Kuok Wa, Sio Wai Meng, Kuan Wai Man, Lei Sio Cheong, Chan Wang Kong, Iong Pou Kin, Sou Iao Keong

    Men's Group D: Lam Weng Hei, Lai Io Lam, Wong Keng Ming, Fong Kin Leong, Chan Shek Tim, Kuok Pak Tim, Fong Ion Fai, Mak Seng On, Cheang Kam Va, Liu Chon Cheok.

    Women's Group A: Chan Hio Cheng, Tong Ian Kei, Wong Im, Zheng Ziyi, Ip Pui San, Cheng Peng In, Lei I Chong, Iun Pak Hang

    Women's Group B: Hoi Long, Wu Yangyang, Chan Pou I, Cheang Ka I, Chan Kam Peng, Wong Ka Sim, Lam San, Wong Lin Fong, Chan Hoi Lam, Kou Sin Ang

    Women's Group C: Ieong Mei Na, Leong Lai Heong, Ip Ka Man, Sou In Ngo, Lam Wai Keng, Sam Tang Loi, Cheong Chi Dan, Lam Man I, Cheang Sau Mei, Wong Sut Hong.