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2016 / NO.2
2016 / NO.2
Chao Man Hou and Lin Sizhuang got new and good results in Macao Swimming Championships

The 60th Macao Swimming Championships was held in the Aquatic Centre of the Olympic Sports Centre from 14th through 17th April. Chao Man Hou, the local ‘king of breaststroke’, and the rising star of middle distance Lin Sizhuang have lived up to expectations to get good results. They rewrote the records of man’s 50-meters breaststroke and 400-meters individual medley with the scores of 28.48 and 4:44.09 respectively. The Chong Sam Swimming Club has undertaken men’s and women’s group champions of this game.

The ‘king of breaststroke’ created surprising record on the first day

There are twelve swimming associations participating in this year’s open swimming competitions, including Macau Underwater Club, Lek Iao Swimming Club, MSO Force Sport Club, Green-Wave Swimming Club, San Cheng Sports Club, Spiny Rayed Swimming Association of Macao, Chong Sam Sports Club of Macao, Kapok Swimming Association of Macao, Leng Ieong Sports Club, Egret Swimming Club, Blue Bird Association of Gymnastics and Cycle Sports Club, with the participation of 200 athletes. Chao Man Hou from Chong Sam got a surprising record on the first day in man’s 50-meters breaststroke preliminary match. He renewed the Macao record of 28.49 achieved on 1st April at the 52nd Milo/Pram Malaysia Invitational Age Group Swimming Championship 2016 with a new record of 28.48, and rewrote the Championships’ records at the same time.

Lin Sizhuang demonstrated his power in middle distance swimming competition

Lin Sizhuang, who came from the Egret Swimming Club had demonstrated his power and courage on final game day. He gained a good result of 4:44.09 in man’s 400-meters individual medley and not only rewrote the records for Macao and the Championships, but also created a new height for middle distance competition. In addition, Chao Man Hou and Lin Sizhuang wrote several records for the Championships on the final day, including Chao Man Hou’s 50-meters butterfly stroke (24.99), 100-meters breaststroke (1:04.41), and Lin Sizhuang’s man’s 400-meters individual medley (4:12.16), 200-meters individual medley (1:57.53). As for the relay races, the Chong Sam team rewrote the Championships’ records of mixed doubles 4X100 freestyle and mixed doubles 4X100 medley with scores of 4:01.85 and 4:24.11 respectively.

Lin Sizhuang and Lei On Kei received Lao Hin Chun Awards

In honour of Lao Hin Chun, the former President of Swimming Association of Macau, this year’s Championships set up the Awards of the Best Male and Female Athletes in Memory of President Lao Hin Chun, which were awarded to Lin Sizhuang of Egret and Lei On Kei of Lek Iao. And the men’s and women’s group champions were gained by Chong Sam Team with scores of 266 and 192 respectively.

The guests attending the Championships and awarding ceremony included the President of the Sports Bureau Pun Weng Kun, wife of honorary President of Swimming Association of Macao Lao Hin Chun, Chiu Siu Yu, Vice Presidents Kuan Vai Lam, Chang Chin Nam and Mak Chi Kun, honorary advisor Sit Kok Meng, and the invited referees from Mainland China Liu Xunlei and Wang Xiaoqing.