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2016 / NO.2
2016 / NO.2
Macao Basketball Association started training classes for coaches to improve their coaching knowledge

With support from the Sports Bureau, the Macao Basketball Association launched in April the 2016 entry level basketball coach training sessions (second term). The training class had invited a number of experienced coaches from Taiwan to come to Macao as guest lecturers and trainers. They were SBL team member Chu Yung Hung, HBL High School Coach Huang Wan Long and Yong Ren High School coach Shih Chao Chieh. They taught 3 weeks of theory and practice classes. These classes attracted 70 Macao coaches and young people who want to become a coach. The Fujian team that won the Macao Championships were also invited as guest players. Huang Wan Long said that Macao players need to have more efficient offence and defense pick and rolls and strategies for their games and these details should begin with training the coaches.

Introducing new offence and defense concepts

The classes were held at the Taipa Olympic Sports Centre indoor gymnasium and the East Asia Games Sports Centre. This is the second time of teaching in Macao for Huang Wan Long and he said that Macao players and players from other Asian countries are similar in body build and structure and therefore the basketball concepts that we bring in suit the Macao team very much and hopefully these training classes will help both the coaches and the players to understand the need to increase their defense in becoming more progressive when guarding their opponents with the correct attitude.

Taiwan coaches: it's all in the details

Huang Wan Long believed that compared to international and Western players, Asian players are shorter and the commonly used tactic is therefore quickness in transitions in defense and offence and efficiency. The trends in Asian basketball lean towards creating more point advantages through passing, pick and rolls and player mobility. Macao players are more passive in terms of defense and in offence, the players seem to stand and play. Huang felt that the players can speed up  their pace and do more pick and rolls when playing basketball. He said that the coach must know these details. 

This generation is blessed.

Both a player and a coach, Cheong Tong Fai attended his first training class this year. After three days of training, he felt that he had learned a lot and said that this generation of Macao players were very lucky and had opportunities like this to gain well-rounded knowledge. Our experience and knowledge in basketball from the past did not reach this level of depth. He said that after coach Huang's explanations, he understood a lot of the details in different strategies and moves and this would definitely enhance his coaching skills in the future. He felt that the direction and methods in coaching is clearer to him now than before.

For those who met the attendance and assessment test requirements were qualified for the attendance certificate issued by the Macao Basketball Association. Those whose performances were outstanding were also awarded with the participation in practice training as well as a chance to become Association certified Entry Level Coach.