Hac-Sa Nautical Centre

  • Located along the Hac Sa Beach, the Hac-Sa Nautical Centre became operational on 29th November 1999. The 4,749 m2 sport centre is home to various non-powered vessel activities. Although a vessel loan service is not available at the Nautical Centre, the Sports Bureau regularly organises Sport for All recreation classes and the collaboration with the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau organising summer activity courses, interested parties may conduct water sport activities under the guidance of an experienced coach after enrolment.

  • Tel: (853) 2888 1180
  • Address: Praia de Hác-Sá, Coloane

Multi-function Room

  • Area: 256 sq.m
    Height: 2.4 m,
    Capacity: approx. 80 persons
    Equip.: Audio-video equipment

Changing Room

Parking Area for Boat