Nam Van Lake Nautical Centre

  • Inaugurated on 18th July 2005, the Nam Van Lake Nautical Centre was established to organise international-standard competitions. Of the Centre’s 151,000sq.m., an area of 11,708sq.m. is used to house a set of comprehensive onshore facilities. The Centre has been managed by the Sports Bureau since 2007, subsequent to an agreement signed with the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau. In addition to international dragon boat invitation races, the Centre is a training ground for water sports athletes and an ideal venue for cultural and recreational activities, and carnivals.

  • Address: Lago Nam Van

Water Lanes and Facilities

  • Lanes: 6 lanes, each lane is 500m long and 13.5m wide, with a 100m buffer zome at the end of finish line.
    Depth:: Approx. 3.5m
    Facility: Start line Commander Stand

Land Facilities

  • Capacity: 800 permanent seats, area can accomodate over 2500 temporary seats
    Facilities: Athletes warm up area, Platform for dragon eye-dotting ceremony, Dock with adjustible height, Boat storage area and Changing rooms.

    Lakeside wooden deck open to public for jogging.