Vitoria Sports Centre

  • Located at Estrada da Vitória, the Vitoria Sports Centre has been operational since 19th July, 1995. Its two gymnasiums are equipped with mirrors and cork flooring and are suitable for various indoor sports activities. The Centre houses two squash courts and was the first squash facility open to the public in Macao.

  • Tel: (853) 2853 0741
  • Address: Est. da Vitória n.o 6, Macau

Gynasium A

  • Spectator seats: 18 Movable Seats
    Area: 20.1m x 9.5m
    Ceiling Height: 4.7m
    Surface Material: Wood

Squash Court

  • 2 available (Court A&B)
    Area: 9.75m x 6.4m
    Height: 5.89m
    Surface material: Wood

Gynasium B

  • Spectator seats: 12 Movable Seats
    Area: 14.4m x 15.1m
    Ceiling Height: 4m
    Surface Material: Wood/Mattress