Reopening of Taipa Northeast Sports Centre

Starting from 12 Oct 2022 (Wednesday), pavillion and tennis court of Taipa Northeast Sports Centre will be reopened and online booking service will be resumed for residents to continue sports exercise. Meanwhile, squash court of Taipa Northeast Sports Centre is currently under maintenance and will be reopened once the repair work has completed.

Regular cleaning and disinfection has been carried out at the sports facilities under Sports Bureau. Before reopening, Sports Bureau has already further enhanced cleaning and disinfection in the facility as instructed by Health Bureau’s prevention guidelines, providing a safe and hygienic environment for sports users.

To prevent the risk of epidemic infection, Sports Bureau will continue to strictly implement the following precautionary measures: users are required to wear masks properly when entering the venue, check body temperature, present valid "Macao Health Code" and scan “Visit Record (Venue QR Code)”. Number of visitors inside the sports facilities will be limited to avoid crowd gathering.

Sports Bureau calls on the public to jointly fight against the disease by maintaining good personal and environmental hygiene and keeping social distance when using sports facilities. For more information, please visit or call our hotline 2823 6363 for inquiries.