Reopening of sports facilities of the Sports Bureau on 21 October

As the recent epidemic situation has stabilized in Macau, sports facilities under the Sports Bureau are resuming operations on October 21, 2021 (Thursday).

During the closure of all sports venue, the Sports Bureau has been continuously arranging regular cleaning and disinfection for all sports facilities since the worldwide epidemic. According to the guidelines on prevention by the Health Bureau, the Sports Bureau has carried out stepped-up cleansing and disinfection works before reopening its sports venue to ensure a sanitized sporting environment to the users. Meanwhile, youth training courses will resume on the 22nd October and Sports for All interest classes will resume next Monday 25th October. Other group training program and sporting events are expecting gradual and orderly resumption as well.

Precautionary measures will be continuously and strictly implemented to prevent the risk of epidemic infection. Users are required to wear masks properly inside the venues, undertake body temperature measurements and present "Macao Health code" at the entrance. Number of participants indoor will be adequately limited to avoid gathering of crowds.

The Sports Bureau advises the public to maintain personal hygiene and cleanliness and keep indoor social distance when using sports facilities. For more details about the sports venues, please visit the website of the Sports Bureau or call the hotline: 2823 6363 for inquiries.