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67th Macau Grand Prix – Supplementary Information

The 67th Macau Grand Prix will take place from 19 to 22 November. Regarding the details of the Macau Grand Prix announced during the press conference yesterday (11 Sep), supplementary information is now provided as follows for the public to understand more about the relevant arrangements:

  1. It was mentioned yesterday that about 200 drivers and riders are expected to join the Macau Grand Prix this year. Most of them will come from Mainland China, the Asian region, Hong Kong and Macao, while drivers from other overseas regions and western countries only account for a small number, mainly participating in the Macau Motorcycle Grand Prix. Team members for the drivers and riders will also be kept to a minimum.
  2. Overseas drivers and riders plus their team members have to strictly follow the preventive measures of Macao against the pandemic upon arrival.  Before departing for Macao, they must present proof of a valid negative nucleic acid test report for COVID-19 by a local recognized testing institution. Upon arrival in Macao, they will be directly transferred to a designated location for a 14-day medical observation, and they will only be permitted to join the races if they are not tested positive for COVID-19 during the 14-day period. During the races, they are also required to strictly follow the guidelines issued by the Macau health authorities against COVID-19.

The Macao SAR Government has been closely monitoring the pandemic and coming up with different plans and measures, with the purposes of protecting the safety of Macao residents, helping restore normal lives, and gradually resuming the normal operation of the society. The current data on the pandemic shows that the preventive measures taken by Macao are rigid and effective. To ensure the races are carried out in safe conditions, a number of back-up plans have been prepared, and the organizers will continue to closely monitor the development of the COVID-19 pandemic situation and adjust the preventive measures in accordance with the guidelines issued by the health authorities.