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Fierce competition on the third day of the 2024 MGM Macao International Regatta

The penultimate day of the 2024 MGM Macao International Regatta saw teams fighting for leading positions in their respective championships. Strong wind conditions made for some exciting racing. Canados Sailing Team from Germany climbed to pole position in the standings of the Macao Cup International Regatta (Beneteau First 40.7 unified design group), following the retirement of overnight leaders ExeQute Racing from South Africa. Meanwhile, Muwu BBQ and Team Yacht Racing of Thailand maintained their overall lead in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Cup Regatta (IRC group) and the International Catamaran Invitational (Hobie 16 unified design group), respectively. All teams will continue to show their best tomorrow to fight for the overall champions title.

Two rounds were contested in the Macao Cup International Regatta and the Greater Bay Area Cup Regatta at the waters off south of Hac Sa Beach today. Due to sickness of one of the crew members, ExeQute Racing failed to perform to their usual standard in the first round and had to retire from the second round. Canados Sailing Team then made the most of this opportunity to climb to first place overall after fighting off the challenges from Team Windy from Estonia, Big Boys Sailing Team from China, Vivat Sailing from Canada and PSA-Subic Sailing PROCAP from the Philippines.

In the Greater Bay Area Cup Regatta, Wanboofish Sailing Team from Macao were the standout team, having won both rounds today and climbed to third place overall. Muwu BBQ continue to lead the standings, followed by Zhongshan Sailing Team.

Three rounds of races were held today in the International Catamaran Invitational at the waters south of the Macao Channel off the Macao Science Center. Team Yacht Racing of Thailand continued their good form to win today’s Rounds 2 and 3 and score a second-place finish in Round 1. Team Fenix from Thailand and Team Jeonbuk from Korea remained second and third in the overall standings, respectively.

The organizers held a Daily Awards presentation ceremony after the conclusion of today’s races.  Guests in attendance included Lei Si Leng, Head of Macau Grand Prix and Major Sporting Events Department of the Sports Bureau; Catarina Lio, Senior Vice President of Brand Marketing of MGM; Ma Man Wai, President of the Ursa Major Sailing Event Management; and Un Iok Sam, representative of Ursa Major Sailing Event Management. In addition, Chairman of World Sailing Li Quanhai attends the 2024 MGM Macao International Regatta to provide guidance and exchange with participating teams.

A ‘Family Fun Day’ event is taking place at the Kun Iam Statue Waterfront Recreation Area – Star on Coast today and tomorrow from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The event features sailing experiences, family workshops, and live broadcasts of the races. Residents and tourists can enter for free and participate in the event in various ways to deepen their understanding of sailing sport.

The event will be live-streamed on various online platforms, including the official YouTube channel and Facebook page of ‘Macao Major Sporting Events’ , the Facebook page of MGM Macau, and the official website of MGM Macao International Regatta, allowing viewers to watch the live coverage of the event online.

In addition, the ‘2024 MGM Macao International Regatta – Photography Competition’ is open to photography enthusiasts to submit their entries from 1 to 23 February, with prize money and trophies on offer for winners. For regulations of the photography competition, please visit

For more information, please visit the event’s official website at, or follow the ‘Macao Major Sporting Events’ Facebook page, ‘澳門體育’ (Macao Sports) WeChat public account and ‘澳門特區體育局’ (Macao SAR Sports Bureau) WeChat subscription account.