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  • 【Points Award - Exercise Training Program】 - Members are encouraged to create their own personal exercise program and set exercise objectives as a means of injecting exercise into their health maintenance regimen. Members can set different training programs as their objective. Exercise programs are divided into 20-point, 50-point, 100-point, 200-point, 300-point and 400-point programs. Members only need to accumulate exercise hours for accumulated points, after which they can redeem their accumulated points for prizes offered by their program. There is no limit to the number of times members can exchange points for prizes.
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 Prize Registration Procedures:

  • Self-service registration system:Members can check their point total and register to redeem points for prizes using the self-serve member registration system located at the head office of the Sports Bureau and the Tap Seac Multisport Pavilion.
  • Online Registration:Members who have applied online for membership can access the website of the Sports Bureau at to check their point status and register to redeem points for prizes.
  • Prompt Registration and Obtainment: Members are welcome to go to the Tap Seac Multi-Sport Pavilion (working hour: Monday to Sunday, 16:00–20:00, except public holidays) to register and obtain the prizes promptly.

Prize Collection Procedures:

  • Prize collection date:Once registration for point redemption has been completed, members must present themselves in person at Tap Seac Multisport Pavilion on the date and time specified to collect their prize. The Sport Easy member service desk is open Monday to Sunday between 4:00pm and 8:00pm (except public holidays).
  • Procedures for appointing a representative:If members are unable to collect their prizes at the dates and times indicated, they may appoint a representative to do so for them. The representative must present the member's membership card and a letter of authorisation from the member. When redeeming points and collecting prizes, representatives must present their identity card for our record.
  • Prize redemption deadline:All members who have registered to receive prizes must collect those prizes in person according to the date, time and place indicated. Prize award not collected within the time limit will automatically be cancelled without notification and without the redeemed points being reinstated.