Sports Training Centre

  • Inaugurated on 26th March 2007, the Sports Bureau Sports Training Centre occupies a built area of 2,460 sq.m. and features two multi-purpose activity rooms, one of which is used as a karate training dojo and the other as a chess activity room. The Centre also contains gymnasiums, multi-function rooms and conference rooms.

  • Tel: (853) 2882 7049
  • Address: Est. Coronel Nicolau de Mesquita nos 2-26, Ed. "César Fortune", AC/V4, Taipa

Sports Room

  • Area: 511 sq.m
    Ceiling Height : 2.8 m
    Flooring Material: Wood (fitted with karate-do vinyl flooring)

Activity Room

  • Area: 292 sq.m
    Ceiling Height: 2.4m
    Flooring Material: Rubber

    Room can de divided into 3 Chess Rooms (A,B and C)

Fitness Room

  • Area: 167sq.m
    Ceiling Height: 2.8m
    Flooring Material: Rubber
    Aux. Equipment: Audio Equipment

Multi-function Room

  • Area: 104 sq.m
    Ceiling Height: 2.4m
    Flooring Material: Carpet
    Capacity: 60 removable seats
    Aux. Equipment. audio system and projector

Meeting Room

  • Area: 28 sq.m
    Ceiling Heighte: 2.4m
    Flooring Material: Tiles
    Capacity: 12 removable seats