The FIVB World Grand Prix organized by the International Volleyball Association (FIVB) since 1993, is often held in the middle of the year.  The total prize money is over one million U.S. dollars.  Preliminary rounds last for three weeks, and three days a week with two matches each day.  Four top teams from around the world composed a group to compete in various stops each week.  Teams scoring the highest points will assemble in one city to compete in the Finals.  

In 1994, Macao became one of the host cities of the FIVB World Grand Prix, which is jointly organized by the Sports Bureau and Volleyball Association of Macao, China. In 2001, Macao was first selected as the city for the final round of the competition. The eight strongest teams at that time – the U.S., China, Russia, Cuba, Brazil, Japan, Korea and Germany – assembled in Macao to participate in the final competition from 22nd to 26th August. The Finals of the FIVB World Grand Prix was once again hosted by Macao in 2011 from 24th to 28th August, with teams from: USA, Brazil, Serbia, Russia, Japan, Thailand, Italy and China competed at the Macao East Asian Games Stadium.

Basic information

1)       Basic information

           a)   Event title﹕FIVB Volleyball World Grand Prix™ Macao 2017

           b)   Venue﹕Macao Forum

           c)   Date﹕14 (Fri) to 16 (Sun) July 2017

           d)   Host﹕Sports Bureau of Macao SAR Government,

                            Volleyball Association of Macao, China

           e)   Sanctioned by﹕Federation Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB)

 2)       Teams

           China, Italy, Turkey, USA
Previous Competition Results
Past Macao Champions
2016 China
2014 Japan
2013 China
2012 China
2011 USA
2010 Brazil
2009 Brazil
2008 Brazil
2007 Netherlands
2006 Brazil
2005 China
Past Final Champions
2016 Brazil
2015 USA
2014 Brazil
2013 Brazil
2012 USA
2011 USA
2010 USA
2009 Brazil
2008 Brazil
2007 Netherlands
2006 Brazil
2005 Brazil