FIVB World Grand Prix is the annual spectacular world-class volleyball challenge organised by the Federation Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB).

As the FIVB World Grand Prix is by nature a commercial sport event, its prize money is far more attractive than the three world volleyball classics held every four years (the World Volleyball Cup, World Volleyball Championship and that of the Olympics), though the later three are considered to be more reputable in terms of status. The entries qualifying for the week of finals for WGP are selected upon the scores pocketed during its preliminary round matches. Therefore, the title winner of WGP is generally not considered to be the world champion. Yet, WGP has created a platform for volleyball stars, who have contributed much to the promotion of volleyball activities across the world.

Starting from its inaugural edition of the FIVB World Grand Prix in 1993, the China team has taken part in all editions. In 2003, China team beat Russia and snatched the crown of WGP for the first time. Until 2016, China team has obtained five 1st runner-ups, and three 2nd runner-ups in the WGP records. To date, the biggest title winner is Brazil Team, sweeping ten times World Grand Prix titles, whereas the second best is USA Team who has achieved six times.

Since 1994, Macao has been hosting over 18 editions of its preliminary rounds and the Finals in 2001 and 2011, allowing spectators to stay close and witness exciting actions that have won the hearts of locals and tourists, turning it to become one of the major sporting events in Macao.

Basic information

1)       Basic information

           a)   Event title﹕FIVB Volleyball World Grand Prix™ Macao 2017

           b)   Venue﹕Macao Forum

           c)   Date﹕14 (Fri) to 16 (Sun) July 2017

           d)   Host﹕Sports Bureau of Macao SAR Government,

                            Volleyball Association of Macao, China

           e)   Sanctioned by﹕Federation Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB)

 2)       Teams

           China, Italy, Turkey, USA
Previous Competition Results
Past Macao Champions
2017 Italy
2016 China
2014 Japan
2013 China
2012 China
2011 USA
2010 Brazil
2009 Brazil
2008 Brazil
2007 Netherlands
2006 Brazil
2005 China
Past Final Champions
2016 Brazil
2015 USA
2014 Brazil
2013 Brazil
2012 USA
2011 USA
2010 USA
2009 Brazil
2008 Brazil
2007 Netherlands
2006 Brazil
2005 Brazil