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2012 / NO.2
2012 / NO.2
2012 “Sport for All Day” Season 2

The socio-economic development of Macao has led to continuous improvements in the quality of life for local citizens, with people gradually becoming more aware of the importance of a health to family and to society, thereby proactively engaging in sports. In order to aid  local residents to conduct physical exercise correctly, the Macao Sport Development Board continues to hold “Sport for All Days” at several public recreational facilities and parks throughout Macao every month to promote the message “Let’s Exercise for a Better Health”.

Season 2 of the “Sport for All Day” events took place at the Tap Seac Square and Camões Garden on April 21st and June 30th. The event was not held in May due to the rainy weather. The events were warmly welcomed by citizens and attracted the participation of 6,000 people.

A variety of recreational activities with prizes were organized during the Sport for All Days, such as gate ball, basketball, shuttlecock, badminton, Tai ji ball, table tennis, squash, rope skipping and bowling. Professionals from the respective sport associations were present to instruct participants on the correct exercise techniques and methods. Instructors and students of the Sport for All classes gave demonstrations of the different sports, enabling citizens to get involved and get more familiar with them. The integration of sports and fun incited the public’s interest in sports, encouraged them to conduct sport training in a more effective manner and to strengthen their body and health.

The “Sport for All Day” is held every month at various recreational facilities and parks across Macao. For more information on the event, please refer to the announcements of the Macao Sport Development Board.