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2012 / NO.2
2012 / NO.2
Sichuan-Macao Youth Sports Exchange Activity

In order to enhance the exchange and cooperation of sports between Sichuan province and the Macao S.A.R, the Macao Sport Development Board organized the “4th Sichuan and Macao Youth Sports Exchange” activity for an exchange group comprised of young athletes. The exchange tour arrived in Sichuan for their 5-day exchange programme on June 27th.

The Activity was held under the framework of “Letter of Intent for the Sichuan-Macao Youth Sports Exchange Activity” signed by the sports departments of Sichuan and Macao. This year, the Macao Sport Development Board organized the visit to Sichuan for an exchange group composed of 41 people. On June 28th, the group from Macao exchanged skills with young athletes from Langzhong city in four different sports including badminton, table tennis, synchronized swimming,
marital arts. The next day, the group returned to Chengdu city from Langzhong to continue the exchange activities, visiting the training base and sports venues, the table tennis academy, the Institute of Sports Technology of the Province of Sichuan, and observing the training of the province’s professional teams so as to learn more about the sports development in Sichuan.

The “Sichuan and Macao Youth Sports Exchange” created a platform of friendship and exchange for the young people from Sichuan and Macao, and also laid a solid foundation for the cooperation of both sides in the field of sports development.