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2017 / NO.1
2017 / NO.1
Swimming cautiously makes you healthy and happy

Swimming is a fun and healthy activity. However, it was once said that it is more difficult to conquer water than to conquer a mountain. In order to swim happily and safely, the following suggestions should be observed.

Before swimming:

1. Do not swim if you suffer from fever, injuries, excessive fatigue, dizziness, and heart disease or have consumed alcohol. 

2. Do not swim alone. It is safer to swim with companions.

3. Swim at a pool where there are qualified lifeguards and life-saving equipment.

4. Wear a suitable swimsuit, a swimming cap and swimming goggles properly; also prepare clothes and towels for changing. 

5. Before swimming, properly perform warm-up exercises by stretching your muscles.

6. Shower before entering the swimming pool.

During swimming:

1. Do not jump into the pool immediately. Immerse yourself into the water slowly.

2. Pay attention to your surroundings so as to reduce the risk of injury. Be aware of what is ahead of you while swimming forward. 

3. For beginners, please swim within the lifeguards' sight.

4. In case of accidents, stay calm and do not hesitate to ask for help.

5. When you swim near the seashore, please notice the wind direction, tidal direction and your physical condition. Do not swim too far away from the seashore.

6. If you feel uncomfortable while swimming, you must be back to the shore immediately.

7. Once learned that the lifeguards have departed or warning signals are hanged, do not swim.

After swimming:

1. Wash your body as soon as possible, so as to avoid irritation or injury inflicted on your skin and eyes by the water in the swimming pool or the seawater.

2. Deal with the wounds caused during swimming properly

During swimming, collision with objects or people is the most common accident. In other cases, swimmers may fail to breathe normally, can result in inhaling water. When that happens, you should try to keep calm and let your body rise towards the water surface to take a breath. Another common accident is leg cramps which should be handled by the following means: Holding the tiptoe of the cramped leg with hands and pulling the tiptoe towards yourself to make your feet tilt. Try to stretch your cramped leg as much as possible. The muscles will loosen slowly and recover after you have kept this posture for approximately 30 seconds. If the situation does not improve, you must shout for help.

Let's enjoy swimming!