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2017 / NO.1
2017 / NO.1
Fujian Team won the Champions in the League Contest of Senior Category

    The last match of the “2016 Macao Basketball League Contest of Senior Category”, organized by the Macao-China Basketball Association, was held in January this year. As the “Strong Team” in the basketball field, Fujian basketball team fought invincibly in the matches, demonstrating their “King Character”. Eventually, they won the league championship trophy in the contest. 

Defeating Team “Ou Cheong” in Two Consecutive Matches 

    “The best of three” rule was applied to the Grand Final of the league contest, where Fujian team faced Team Ou Cheong. Fujian team and Team Ou Cheong were engaging in a wonderful “tug of war” in the first match of the Grand Final. Important players in Fujian team such as Lei Chin Pang and Lo Hip Meng made a quick offense. Lao Fu In, the key scoring player of Team Ou Cheong, resisted by scoring 30 points. At the last moment, Lo Hip Meng successfully shot the basket twice in a row. As such, the Fujian Team won the match with a score of 84:73.

    In the second match of the Grand Final, Fujian Team quickly gained advantage, especially when the inside player Lai Ka Tong made a strong offense, swiftly enlarging the score difference between the two teams. Lei Chin Pang attacked actively in the second half of the match, and scored 16 points in total in the whole match, resulting in the landslide victory of Fujian team with a score of 76:50. Eventually, Fujian Team won the champion. 

Winning for three years owing to tough practice

    After the match, Lei Chin Pang admitted that the team could remain invincible in these three years because all members practiced assiduously. Especially after Pan Ren-De, a coach from Taiwan, started to coach them, the training of the team became more systematic. Nearly 20 members participated in each practice. They kept a highly competitive mindset all along. 

    In this season, Fujian, Ou Cheong and Iao Ching got the first three places. The individual prizes were won by two members from Team Hip Lek, which ranked 4th. Ip Tai Meng got the prize of “scoring leader” and Chan Chun Weng got the prize of “three-point leader”.