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2017 / NO.1
2017 / NO.1
Alexis Tam Chon Weng Led the New Cabinet of the Sports and Olympic Committee of Macao to Visit the General Administration of Sports of China

    The Sports and Olympic Committee of Macao (China) hosted the 2016 annual general conference in the Conference Hall on the 4th floor of the Macao Tower, at 6:30 p.m. on the 6th January, 2017. In the conference, the reports on committee affairs, finance and the board of supervisors were approved. Moreover, the by-election procedure of the cabinet member was completed. After the subordinate associations had submitted proposals and put them to the vote, Pun Weng Kun, the President of the Sports Bureau, was elected to be the Vice Chairperson of the Council of the Sports and Olympic Committee of Macao. Ma Iao Hang, the President of the Sports and Olympic Committee of Macao, stated that given the utmost support from the general association and the other sectors, the affairs of the Committee ran smoothly. That illustrated that the importance of communication and collaboration helped building up the positive relationships with the Macao SAR government, the Olympic Council of Asia Council and the other Olympic committees around the world with the mutual-trust. He also said that since then the members of the Council would continue to assist the Committee to play a bridging role in facilitating the communication between the sports organizations from the general public and the government, promoting the development of the Olympics sports in Macao and the  sports exchange works with external organizations, coordinating with the Macao SAR government in terms of sports-related policies and making greater contribution to the enhancement of Macao athletes’ competitiveness. 

   Looking Forward to More Exchange Opportunities for Increasing the Sports Level

    The visiting group of the Committee, composed of 21 people in total, has visited Beijing from 9th to 12th January. On 11th January, led by Alexis Tam Chon Weng, the Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture, and together with Pun Weng Kun, the President of the Sports Bureau, Ma Iao Hang, the President of the Committee, Lo King Chiu, the Chairperson of the Committee and the new cabinet members. The visiting group met Gou Zhongwen, the President of the General Administration of Sport of China. The President Gou Zhongwen hoped to take this opportunity to further strengthen the exchange and communication between the sports field of Macao and that of mainland China. Secretary Alexis Tam Chon Weng stated that the General Administration of Sports of China has been giving much concern on the development of sports in Macao. He also stated that they not only sent national level coaches to Macao, but also helped Macao athletes attending the  high-level training in mainland China to improve the competitiveness. With the support and instructions from the General Administration of Sports of China, the future of Macao sports development would be even brighter. 

    During the visit, the group also visited the Beijing Sport University, observed the 2022 Winter Olympic Center and athlete training centers in the Shichahai Sports School. President Pun Weng Kun, President Ma Iao Hang and Chairperson Lo King Chiu stated that they learned a lot from this visit and hoped that the cooperation between the two regions could get progress, so that more athletes could be nurtured and they would fight for the glory for mainland China and Macao.