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2017 / NO.1
2017 / NO.1
Ip Chin Wah won two champions in the Macao Sports Photography Competition

    Hosted by the Sports Bureau and co-organized by Macao Photography Association, the “2016 Macao Sports Photography Competition” and the “Suncity Group 63rd Macau Grand Prix Photo Competition” unveiled the exhibitions and award ceremonies in the hall at the Tap Seac Multisport Pavilion in the evening of 13rd February. The first prizes of the two theme groups “Car race” and “Heroes and Competitions” go to “Invincible” and “Strive to Move Forward” by photographer Ip Chin Wa and the second place of the “Fitness Smile” goes to “Let's Jump” by Tang Kai Lon.

Participation with Enthusiasm

    This competition is full of enthusiasm. As for categories of “Heroes and Competitions” and “Fitness Smile”, a total number of 602 pieces were submitted for selection, and 197 pieces were also submitted for the Grand Prix Photo Competition. Pun Weng Kun, President of the Sports Bureau, Ou Ping, Vice Chairperson of the general assembly of the Macao Photography Association were the guests of honour of the exhibition and award ceremony. The exhibition is held until 19th March of this year.

The winners talk about their ways to success 

    As a photographer who won the champions in the two categories, Ip Chin Wa has been fascinated about sports photography. He chose two pieces “Invincible” and “Strive to Move Forward” for the competition mainly because the movements, atmosphere and implication of these photos convey the message of the activity. As for the ways to success in sports photography, he pointed out that he needed to have a workable plan before taking the photos, and selected suitable equipment such as telephoto lens and short focus lens for the photo taking. In the process of capturing a photo, one should attempt to take photos from various angles. As long as one tries “as many times as possible”, one can get a good photo out of it.

The list of the winners in each category is below:

Heroes and Competitions

Champion: Ip Chin Wa; Runner-up: Tang Kai Lon; Second Runner-up: Cheng Chen Keong 

Merit: Tang Chon Seng, Ip Chin Wa, Kuok Kim Wa (2 photos), Tang Kai Lon, Lam Sao Wa, Wan Wai Sai

Fitness Smile

Champion: Tang Kai Lon, Runner-up: Chiu Kiu Chong, Second Runner-up: Kuok Kim Wa

Merit: Pun Tak Cheong, Deng Chon Seng (2 photos), Chan Sio In,Kuok Kim Wa, Tang Kai Lon, Wan Wai Sai

The Suncity Group 63rd Macau Grand Prix Photo Competition 

Champion: Ip Chin Wa; Runner-up: Lei Man Lok; Second Runner-up: Wong Hei Kuai

Merit: Ip Chin Wa, Lei Man Lok, Wong Hei Kuai, Lam Sao Wa (2 photos), Chan Wai Fan, Wong Hoi Weng