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2017 / NO.1
2017 / NO.1
Six Thousand Women Enjoyed Sports in Macao Women's Sports Festival

    In order to fully promote Sports for all and encourage women to nurture good exercise habits with the objective of “life-long participation in sports”, the Sports Bureau and the Women's General Association of Macao have jointly organized “Macao Women's Sports Festival” for 15 consecutive years. “2017 Macao Women's Sports Festival” activity series were held from 18 to 19 March. Among those activities, more than 6000 people-times from 61 delegations and 81 teams participated in the three major sessions: Sports for All Fitness Demonstration Show, “Benefits of Aerobic Exercise” Seminar and Recreational Sports Contest. All together they have experienced the benefits of doing sports.

A Number of Overseas Teams were attracted to Participate

    Sports for All Fitness Demonstration Show opened the prelude of the activity series. Women delegations from Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Guam, Beijing, Shanghai, Zhuhai (Hengqin), Chinese Taipei and Hong Kong, and the coaches and students from Macao Sports for All Fitness and Recreational Classes performed demonstrations of various types of sports, attracting many residents to watch and learn.

Women Discussed Topics about Sports 

    “Benefits of Aerobatic Exercise” Seminar was hosted in the afternoon on the same day in the School of the Women's General Association of Macao. More than 400 residents participated in this event, and representatives of women delegations from other countries and regions discussed issues with the women of Macao. Participants raised questions and expressed their opinions enthusiastically, creating a warm and harmonious atmosphere in the seminar.

A Joyful and Lively Atmosphere at Recreational Sports Contest

    The recreational sports contest activity was held at the Tap Seac Multisport Pavilion in the morning on the next day. Participants in the activity were divided into two categories: Category A (18-40 years old) and Category B (41-60 years old). Each category was engaged in a two-round recreational sports contest, and the winner was determined by the final tallying of the score. Invited teams from other countries and regions also joined this activity.

    After a series of competitions, the awarded teams from each categories are: Recreational Sports Game Contest (Category A) Champion: Macao Public Security Police Force, Runner-up: Macao Judiciary Police Force, Second Runner-up: Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau Team B; (Category B) Champion: Macao Jiangmen Communal Society, Runner-up: Family Support Services Center of the Women's General Association of Macao. Second Runner-up: Harmonious Family Comprehensive Services Center of the Women's General Association of Macao; International Women Delegations Invitation Contest Champion: Shanghai, Runner-up: Macao, Second Runner-up: Zhuhai Hengqin, Most Active Participation Award: Health Bureau.