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2016 / NO.2
2016 / NO.2
Sports Day for the Disabled

Over 2,000 people-times participated in the 2016 Macao Sports Day for the Disabled, which was held on the 10th of April at the indoor gymnasium and the table tennis zone of the Olympic Sports Center. The event was organized by the Sports Bureau, and co-organized by the Macau-China Paralympic Committee & Macau-China Recreation and Sports Association for the Disabled, Macao Special Olympics and Sports Association of the Deaf.

There were 9 recreational sports games and 3 experiencing zones for physical fitness testing in this event. The Sports Day allows the physically challenged, their families and the public to enjoy the fun of sports together.  This year, the Sports Day added the Ping Pong Tournament and the experiencing zones for the physically able to their programs. These experiencing zones allow those who participate to understand and experience the daily living conditions of people with different disabilities. 

One of these zones let the able-bodied citizens feel the most common difficulty that deaf people run into in their everyday life. Just ordering meals at a restaurant presented a lot of obstacles to the able-bodied who were asked to do so as a deaf person. The social workers who were helping that day explained that simply installing handicap ramps does not meet the needs of the disabled. They need more than just that, they need to have communication with and understanding and more respect and compassion from the public towards them in their daily life.

The organizing units wished to spread the message of “a lifelong exercise and harmonious society for all” through the Sports Day. They also wished to raise public awareness about caring for the disabled as well as motivating the disabled to actively participate in social activities. This year, Macao diving team member Chui Sut Ian was invited to join the Sports Day to show support to and encourage the disabled. She also promoted the call for Sports for All - Let's Exercise for Better Health.

The guests who attended the opening ceremony of Macao Sports Day included the President of the Sports Bureau, Pun Weng Kun, President of the Macau-China Paralympic Committee & Macau-China Recreation and Sports Association for the Disabled, Chan Meng Kam, Director of the Macau Special Olympics, Wong Io Meng, President of the Sports Association for the Disabled Ao Chi San, Vice-presidents of Sports Bureau,  Lau Cho Un and Lam Lin Kio, the Head of Department of Youth of the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau, Yuen Hoi Ching, the Head of Division for Support and Collaboration of Associations of the Department of Civic Affairs and Consultation of the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau, Au Chan Weng and other Sports Committee members.