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2016 / NO.2
2016 / NO.2
Men's and Women's Teams of China Nanhai Jiujiang Won Champions in International Dragon Boat Races

Organized by Sports Bureau and Macau, China Dragon Boat Association, co-organized by Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau, Public Administration and Civil Service Bureau, “2016 Macao International Dragon Boat Races” was held at Nam Van Lake Nautical Centre on 3rd, 4th and 9th June (the exact date of Dragon Boat Festival). The pulsating races had become a large-scale carnival which embodied the joyful atmosphere of traditional festival for local citizens and travelers. In the fascinating races on the last day of the event – Macao International Invitation Standard Dragon Boat Race - Open Category, Macao International Invitation Standard Dragon Boat Race - Women Category – the favorite teams of China Nanhai Jiujiang snatched the champions in both races once again. As the host, Macao also got historic result by seizing the 2nd runner-up in Open Category and the 1st runner-up in Women Category.

Macao Team Surprised Us All

Macao International Dragon Boat Races in Dragon Boat Festival had shown visitors two stunningly keen competitions. During the final of Open Category, the heating atmosphere was even pushed to a climax. Macao Selection Team had a fierce race with the strong teams that made it to final, including China Nanhai Jiujiang, Thailand National Team, Philippines Dragon Boat Federation and Guangdong Junjingwan Group Dafu. In the first 100 meters, China Nanhai Jiujiang, Thailand National Team and Macao Selection Team were racing at almost the same speed.   Eventually, Macao had broken the record in recent years with 1’54.551”, snatching the 2nd runner-up after the champion China Nanhai Jiujang had passed the goal with 1’51.761” and after the 1st runner up Thailand National Team. Macao Selection Team had kept their promise to themselves and had made it to top three.

The “dragon maidens” of Macao were mind-blowing in the final of Women Category. Even though China Nanhai Jiujian had outturned its competitors with overwhelming strength, the word “give in” had never crossed the minds of Macao Selection Team and of the “lions” of MGM Macau. In the end, China Nanhai Jiujiang got its 5th consecutive champion with 2’01.426” while Macao Selection Team grasped the 1st runner-up with 2’10.034” and updated its best record. MGM Macau was the 2nd runner-up.

Firemen Embraced 3 Champions

In respect of local races, Fire Service Bureau Team attracted all the attention during the races of Open Category and Macao Public EntitiesCategory. Right on the first day of the event, Fire Service Bureau Team swept Macao Small Dragon Boat Race - Open Category and Macao Public Entities Small Dragon Boat Race and got “double champions”. The firemen defeated Monte Carlo Sports Club and Dragon’s Heart Sports Club, gained another victory in the Dragon Boat Race with 2’05.515”. It was the first time that a single team held “triple champions” in the history of this event. In Macao Standard Dragon Boat Race - Women Category, MGM Macau really showed what they had by beating Galaxy Pearl and Association of Macao Youth Development with 2’20.536”, snatching the first victory of the team; The experienced Sea Bay Canoe Club won in Macao Small Dragon Boat Race - Women Category by outrunning MGM Macau and Association of Macao Youth Development.

As to other awards, the “dark horse” City University of Macau – A defeated University of Macau and won in Macao University Student Small Dragon Boat Race - Open Category.  Beijing Normal University – Zhuhai swept the International Invitational Standard Dragon Boat Race – University Category and Invitational Small Dragon Boat Race. In Macao Civil Servants Invitation Small Dragon Boat Race, Macao Customs Service defeated IACM - Green Guardians with a very narrow margin and seized the champion. Lok Oi Kan from Macao Selection Team received Best Drummer Award.

Creating the Dragon Boat Carnival

The organizers had invited plenty of Macao local organizations to give cultural art performance to the citizens in form of parade during the event. The parade had integrated different forms of dance, music, marching band, magic and juggling, in order to create series of activities in carnival style, coloring the races and the festival.