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2013 / NO.4
2013 / NO.4
Macao Sport Development Board held a series of training courses

To strengthen the professional skills and abilities of staff from different areas and levels and to provide better services to the general public, the Macao Sport Development Board co-organized the “Advanced First Aid Course”, “Stress and Emotion Management Course” and “Advanced Facilities Management Course” together with other entities successively.

Following the “Basic First Aid Course” in 2012, the Board continued to cooperate with Macao Red Cross to launch the “Advanced First Aid Course” this year. Apart from making consolidation on the basic first aid treatment, the organizers also hope to strengthen administrative staff and venue personnel’s adaptabilities to deal with emergency issues by learning the theory and practice. Therefore, all staff could further understand the concept of first aid and emergency issues management, and their knowledge towards first aid and other corresponding aspects could also be strengthened. A total of 114 staff participated in the course.

In addition, with the increasing usage of the sports facilities under the Macao Sport Development Board, users’ demand for services became higher, which doubtlessly constituted certain stress to staff at different levels. In order to effectively assist staff to acquire tips of emotion management and stress relief, the Board co-operated with the Macao Productivity and Technology Transfer Centre to provide administrative staff and venue personnel with the “Stress and Emotion Management Course” so that they could learn how to work under pressure and be self-improved (including the ability to solve problems and a good emotional habit), which further fulfilled the concept of “people-oriented” – which has long been the Board’s service goal. A total of 121 staff participated in the course.

Furthermore, the Board launched the “Advanced Facilities Management Course” with the association of Beijing Sport University, deepening all administrative staff’s skills and management concepts in all aspects of sports industry, which focusing on increasing the cost effectiveness and operational efficiency. A total of 30 staff participated in the course.

With the ceaseless optimization of the “Public Sports Facilities Network”, the Board will continue to organize training courses in different topics for staff, so that the overall service quality and management level will be enhanced and the participants will be benefited in their daily work.