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2013 / NO.4
2013 / NO.4
Fall Free Sports Ground Ball Games Competition

Having five-week competitions, the 2013 Fall “Free Sports Ground” Ball Games Competition had its grand final on October 20 at the Free Sports Ground at Canal dos Patos. The event was organized by the Macao Sport Development Board and the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau, and co-organized by the Macao-China Basketball Association and the Macao Football Association. Through organizing competitions in five stations, the event successfully attracted 158 basketball teams and 70 football teams to join. It was also greatly supported by citizens who enjoyed ball games.

The organizers hoped that the Free Sports Ground Ball Games, with its unique local cultural characteristics, can help promote the advantages of practicing sports and encourage the general public to do exercises, and hence turning exercising into a constant healthy habit. They also considered the event an opportunity to enhance sharing and communication between all citizens who love ball games, allow them to play ball games together and nurture their team spirit.

On the final day, the juvenile men’s basketball game, the open and junior men’s basketball games, the open and junior women’s basketball games, the open, junior and juvenile men’s football games, and basketball and football individual skills contests were held respectively. After some fierce competitions, the winners were out. Then, the organizers presented prizes and awards to the winning teams.