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2013 / NO.4
2013 / NO.4
The 11<sup>th</sup> Guangdong - Macao Cup

In commemoration of the 14th Anniversary of the establishment of the Macao SAR, “The 11th Guangdong - Macao Cup” co-organized by the Macao Sport Development Board of the Macao SAR Government, the Sports Bureau of Guangdong Province, the Macao Football Association and the Guangdong Football Association held the first-round match on November 30 at the Macao University of Science and Technology Football Field and the second-round match on December 7 at the Xingzhong Stadium in Zhongshan City.

With the home advantage, the Macao home team won the first-round of the match by 4-0. However, in the second-round, the Guangdong team attacked fiercely and scored two goals, winning the Macao team by 2-0. The overall result after two rounds was 4-2. Thus, the Macao team won the 11th Guangdong - Macao Cup, regaining the title back.

The Guangdong - Macao Cup is an annual soccer competition organized by the sports departments of Macao and Guangdong. It is on a home-and-away basis. Over these years, “The Guangdong - Macao Cup” has not only promoted soccer development of both regions, but also has strengthened connections and communications between the sports communities of the two regions.