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2013 / NO.4
2013 / NO.4
Series of Coach Training Courses

“Series of Coach Training Courses” organized by the Macao Sport Development Board held its official opening ceremony on October 30 at the Sports Training Centre in Taipa. The opening ceremony was presided over by the Acting President of the Macao Sport Development Board, Mr. José Tavares, the Vice President of the Macao Sport Development Board, Mr. Pun Weng Kun, the President of the Beijing Sport University (hereinafter referred to as BSU), Mr. Yang Hua, Professor of BSU, Mr. Li Shaodan and Director of BSU, Mr. Jin Xiaoping.

 “Series of Coach Training Courses” is a series of courses consisting of seven units designed by BSU with the commission of the Macao Sport Development Board. The courses aim at introducing local coaches to the latest researches and current situation of sports training in Asia and around the world, providing them with updated training methods and information, enhancing their theoretical knowledge and application capacity concerning skills, strategies, training plans and physical training. Adapting to the Macao circumstances, the courses will allow the coaches to apply these trainings into practice in the future.

Unit one of the courses featuring “New Thoughts of Coaches” attracted a total of 83 coaches from 20 sports associations.