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2013 / NO.4
2013 / NO.4
2013 Music & Dance Extravaganza

To celebrate the 14th anniversary of the Establishment of the Macao SAR, the Macao Dance Sport Federation and the Macao Sport Development Board jointly held the Music & Dance Extravaganza 2013 at the Macao Forum in the evening of October 21, wherein the elite dance performances of International Standard and Latin were presented. Three pairs of international top dancers were invited to display some fascinating footwork, attracting many audiences and generating a lively atmosphere for the event.

Accomplished dancers Andrey Kiselev and Anastasia Balaeva from Russia, Gabriele Goffredo and Anna Matus from Moldova, Rosario Guerra and Grazia Benincasa from Italy were invited to the extravaganza, with the International Standard dance group from Guangzhou Art School who was once the group dance champion of British Blackpool Dance Festival and Hong Kong celebrity Priscilla Chan and local singer Josefina Santos adding spice to the proceedings. Besides, young sports dancers from Macao Dance Sport Federation presented dance performances in two different styles, showing their training results.

Also, the organizers invited the world-class sports dance athletes to perform their talents, and thereby the local audience could enjoy the virtuosity and gracefulness of the first-class International Standard and Latin Dance, whilst the local young dancers could demonstrate their learning achievements.