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2013 / NO.4
2013 / NO.4
2013 Macao Squash Open

Organized by the Macao Squash Association and sponsored by the Macao Sport Development Board, the Macao Squash Open 2013 took place respectively at Macao Bowling Centre and Friendship Square between October 14 and 20. The tournament attracted many world-class players and in the final, Omar Mosaad from Egypt claimed his men’s title over Londoner Adrian Grant, whilst Dipika Pallikal from India was crowned the women’s champion over Australian Rachael Grinham.

Macao Squash Open was considered a big event among the squash world in Macao, especially this year’s men’s tournament was a Four-Star event of Super Squash Tours recognized by the Professional Squash Association while the women’s tournament was considered a Super Silver-Star event among the Women’s International Squash Players Association.

In addition to the exciting duel among the top players during the tournament, the organizers also held various squash carnival activities and squash experience programs in order to further promote Squash in Macao, as well as to discover more and more potential talents.