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2013 / NO.4
2013 / NO.4
Editor’s Note

Looking back and into the future, we are full of hopes towards the world of sports in Macao. What will possibly be the Government’s Social and Cultural Policies on Sports next year? How much do you know about the “Training Subsidy Program for Elite Athletes” and the “Education Subsidy Program for Retired Elite Athletes”? This issue’s Spotlight will tell you the details of them, readers may learn more about the sports development planning of Macao in the coming year.

Stepped into the last quarter of 2013, the sports world in Macao was bustling with excitement. With their full efforts, the Macao athletes made gratifying achievements at the last session of the East Asian Games. Along with the falling curtains of Macao International Marathon, Macao Open, Macao Open Badminton Grand Prix Gold and the Macao Sports Carnival, precious moments of the complete success shall not fade away. Besides, the National Day Celebration - Sports and Art Extravaganza, the “Free Sports Ground” Ball Games Competition, the Autumn Cycling Tour and a series of the Sports for All activities lived up a cheerful and joyful environment for sports. In addition, readers cannot miss our special column – athletes’ joys and feelings on participating in the Sports for All activities.

In this issue’s Sport Science, dietary guidelines for young athletes will be presented for young athletes to have better understanding on the dietary principles they should follow so that they may fulfill the needs on one’s personal growth and development, on practicing activities and sports with reasonable nutrition.