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2012 / NO.2
2012 / NO.2
Sport Training Seminar

In order to promote the sport development in Macao and to enhance the knowledge of local athletes on sports training, the Macao Sport Development Board and the Macao Society of Sport Science and Physical Education (MSSSPE) held a “Sports Training Seminar” on May 16th. Associate Professor of the Beijing Sport University Professor Xu Gang was invited to deliver a lecture on the “Development Features and Trends of Modern Sport Techniques”. Members of the Sport Council, board members of different sports associations, coaches and some 200 athletes attended the seminar.

The lecture focused on sports training knowledge relevant to athletes’ training and participation in competitions. The content was explained and delivered in a manner that was easy to comprehend, enabling participants to understand the development of modern sports competition.

The lecturer of this seminar was Professor Xu Gang, a postdoctoral researcher at the College of Engineering of the Beijing University, who has made remarkable achievements in the field of scientific sports training research. Also, Mr. Xu once served as the vice director of the canoeing event of the Beijing Olympic Games Organizing Committee. As a core member involved in the preparation and training planning of the National Team in two Olympic Games, Mr. Xu were involved in the several strategy development and system planning programs, equipping him with a wealth of experience in competition training as well as team management.