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2012 / NO.2
2012 / NO.2
2012 Summer Activity Opening Ceremony

During each summer vacation,  the Macao government is committed to providing a wide range of summer activities to local children and youths aged four to twenty-five, with the aim of broadening their social lives and helping them to enrich and improve themselves, as well as spend their summer holidays in a positive manner.

The summer activities are divided into two main categories: sports and recreational activities. The Macao Sport Development Board is responsible for the sports activities while the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau is in charge of the recreational activities. This year, there are altogether 102 events with 21,539 openings. Of these, six are brand new sports activities, including Aikido, rollerblading and  Family Bike Ride to Zhongshan, plus three . dedicated  classes for people with intellectual disabilities in table tennis, rhythmic gymnastics for children and taekwondo. Altogether 21 sports activities with 27 classes and 520 openings were held for the disabled, hearing-impaired and mentally challenged, including swimming, boccia, rhythmic gymnastics for children, soccer, bowling, basketball and table tennis, etc.

The opening ceremony was held at the Leal Senado Square on June 28th, kicking off the two-month summer activity program. Performances at the ceremony included  lion dance, violin solo performance, children’s aerobic dance and Chinese folk dance, the ceremony attracted many passers-by and tourists to stop by and watch.